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Half Day City Tour Historical
This tour introduces tourists to Salvador City, showing how it has changed throughout the ages to become the Salvador of today. Starting out along the bay, the tour then works its way through Salvador’s tree-lined streets up to Pelourinho, designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its spectacular and well preserved colonial architecture. Leaving our vehicle behind in the Municipal Square, close to the Lacerda lift, we will continue on foot, giving visitors the opportunity to fully appreciate the splendid buildings that take us back in time to the beginnings of this vibrant city. Along the way, we will stop off at the São Francisco Church, with its extravagant gold leaf baroque designs, from where we will continue our tour, heading towards the Largo do Pelourinho, at the heart of the neighborhood.Duration 4 Hours.
Price per Person - From 60 USD
Half Day City Tour African Oriented
We trace the African roots of Salvador on a city tour which combines the newer, modern section and the older Historical Center of Salvador, the Pelourinho area, named after the pillory which stood in the main square, in front of the central slave market. We visit the Afro-Brazilian Museum and trace the West African origins of the city and observe the superb wooden, sculpted panels of the orixá's by Salvador's most celebrated artist, Carybé. We visit the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary, the famous Black church, built with meager resources over a period of almost 100 years. We look in on artists and sculptors at work and let the senses do the rest as we soak up the feeling of this vibrant city. The buildings may be European but the spirit is truly African.
Duration 4 Hours.
Price per Person - From 65 USD
Full Day City Tour with Lunch
Join both tours (panoramic and Historical city tour) Historic - We start in the modern suburb of Barra at the mouth of the Bay with its famous lighthouse and make our way slowly by car or coach to the old historical section of town. Panoramic - The lower city tour takes us to the quiet waters of the Itapagipe Peninsula where the first holiday residences were built. Now, a peaceful family district, life moves at a slower pace than the bustling upper city.
Duration: 8 Hours.
Price per Person - From 85 USD
Half Day Museum Tour
A tour of the most interesting museums of the city, each concentrating on very different aspects of Bahian History. Entrance fee to museum is included. Visit to the Costa Pinto Museum (a fine collection of colonial furniture, antique jewelry, clusters of gold and silver amulets given to female slaves). Afro Brazilian Museum (display of the history of Capoeira). Sacred Art Museum (considered the finest museum of its kind in Brazil, having a vast collection from the 17th to the 18th centuries). Available only from Wednesday-Friday Afternoons.
Duration: 4 Hours.

Price per Person - From 75 USD
Full Day Praia do Forte with lunch
The scenic Coconut Highway leads to Praia do Forte, a fishing village 80 km north of Salvador, home to some of the best beaches in Bahia. As we drive north the appearance of the distinctive white sands of the sparse restinga vegetation, signals that we are approaching Praia do Forte. First we visit the ruins of the imposing Garcia D’Ávila Castle (1556), once the home of the largest landowner in the New World, set on the lands of what was the first farm in Brazil. From here we have a panoramic view of the northern coastline. Lunch time finds us in the village of Praia do Forte. After lunch we visit headquarters of the TAMAR Project, the national sea turtle preservation project and one of Brazil’s most successful ecological programs. The visitors’ center provides a unique up-close view of these majestic animals. Then time to relax on the beach or browse in the many local handicrafts stores before returning to Salvador. Duration: 8 h
Price per Person - From 68 USD
Full Day Cachoeira tour w/ lunch
We leave the city behind to explore the farming hinterland on the western side of the All Saints´ Bay. This is the land of sugar cane plantations, peaceful colonial towns and busy country markets, a day full of insight into the lifestlye of rural Brazil. We drive north out of the city and head westwards, stopping at the country market town of Santo Amaro. We continue our drive westwards through rolling hills to Cachoeira, the jewel of the Bahian hinterland nestled deep in the valley of the Paraguaçu River. After lunch we take a walking tour of the town, with opportunities to browse in some local wood carvers stores’. Like Salvador, Candomblé plays an integral part in the life of the town, epitomized by the Sisterhood of the Boa Morte, a sorority which traces its origins back to the time of slavery. We cross to the western bank of the slow moving river and visit the Danemann Cultural Center where world class cigars being expertly rolled. A journey back in time to the Brazil of yesteryear. Durantion: 8 hours
Price per Person - From 175 USD
Full Day Schooner cruise w/lunch
After our transfer from the hotel, we board a comfortable schooner and cruise to two of the 36 islands in this sparkling bay, a day of rest and filled relaxation offering great views of the city both on the outbound and homeward journeys. Our first stop is Frades (or Monk's) Island. Virtually uninhabited, the island is home to some of the best beaches in the bay. Here we have ample time to swim in the warm inviting waters, or relax in the sun or the shade, and where a cold drink is never far away! Then we continue our cruise to the larger Itaparica Island for lunch. The colonial town of Itaparica is just a short distance by local transport for those interested visiting this charming waterfront town. (optional) We return to the schooner, raise anchor and set off for Salvador with the setting sun flooding the city with its warm glow.
Duration: 8 Hours
Price per Person - From 72 USD



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