> Tours & Sightseeing in Manaus
Half Day City Tour
We will visit the Municipal Market, built in the beginning of the 20th century. Inside the impressive building, we will find a variety of regional products including fish, fruits and herbs. Afterward, we will pass by the Government Palace and view the nearby creek with its typical houses built on stilts. We will then visit the Indian Museum, belonging to the Salesian Roman Catholic Nuns, where we will learn about the culture of the local upper Rio Negro tribes.
Our final destination is the Amazon Opera House, the primary symbol from the golden ages of the rubber boom, built in 1896. With the help of a recent restoration, the building has kept the splendor of that epic period. Please note that the Museum and Opera House are closed on Sundays and holidays. Duration: 4 hours
Price per Person 60 usd
Alligator Spotting
A night excursion with all the mysteries of the tropical night. Sailing in a regional boat through the river conections, linking the Negro and Solimões Rivers, using flashlights and eventually capturing some of the different species of alligators for observation and release.
Duration:4 hours.
Price per Person 140 usd(minimum 3 passengers)
Full Day Anavilhanas Cruise
Traveling by speed boat we will head up the Negro River to Camaleao Island. From there we will travel to Paricatuba, visiting the ruins of the fort where the first workers who came to extract the region’s rubber lived. We will then continue to the Ponta do Tatu and Araras Lake, where there is a small waterfall (only visible during the dry season) and wonderful opportunities for swimming. In the Jaraqui Lake we will go for a walk in the forest and visit the locals houses. Back to the Rio Negro, we will reach the Anavilhanas Archipell, an ecological reserve with 400 islands. Afterwards, we will visit Terra Preta, which was once the home of an indigenous tribe. A delicious lunch will be served at the Ariaú Amazon Tower. We will then make a stop Tupé beach, which is another opportunity for you to swim before returning to our final destination in Manaus.
Price per Person 180 usd(minimum 6 passengers)
Full Day Meeting of the Waters
We will depart from the Tropical Hotel’s pier heading down stream on the Rio Negro, passing the city of Manaus, the Manaus Floating Harbor, the Municipal Market and the meeting of the Solimoes and Negro Rivers(which forms the grand Amazon River) and hopefully we will spot some botos (River dolphins). We will then visit the January Ecological reserve, where we will see the famous water-lilies, aquatic plants native to lakes in the rainforest. Following that, we will vist a handcraft fair, where Native Indians sell their creations, using traditional materials such as feathers, bones and seeds. Lunch is included on a floating restaurant. By motorized canoe, we will take an unforgettable ride through the igarapés and igapós (depending on the water level), and then return to the hotel. Duration:8 hours
Price per Person 110 usd(minimum 3 passengers)



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